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Northern Communities/First Nations
Representative Assignments

Islands of the Trent (36A) First Nations - Flooding Specific Claims
Keene, Ontario

Hunter provided expert professional services to First Nations/Canada for resolution of Flooding Specific Land Claims in the Trent Severn Waterway. Work included the determination of lost lands as a result of historical Canal flooding in support of realty appraisals. Support activities included assembly of legal and construction surveys, drawings, plans, notes, water levels, correspondence and literature as related to water management, flooding history and regulation interpretation and delineation of preflood (1818) and modern lacustrine and riparian shorelines and delineation of land lost. Nearly 2,000 individual archival and recent documents were reviewed and assimilated. An extensive GIS mapping web site was developed to support participants, contract appraisers and presentations at First Nations communities and elsewhere.

Government of Nunavut
GIS Pilot Project

Hunter provided hosting (ASP) services and data conversion for all GIS data for the Arctic community of Pangnirtung Government of Nunavut (GN). Hosting utilized MapGuide Enterprise. New solutions were developed for management and tracking of property leaseholds and development activities. The client recently stated “We are very impressed with your work that has been done and the service that we have received.”

Snertill (Kopavogur, Iceland)

HGIS Clipping ApplicationWork involved implementation of graphic and attribute data clipping solution for City of Kopavugur, Iceland. Initial solutions enabled on Hunter GIS MapGuide servers accessing data files on MapGuide servers in Iceland.