- Tax Parcel Management System
- Permit Tracking System
- Development Tracking System
- Service Request Tracking System
- Road Asset Management System
- Water Asset Management System
- Sewer Asset Management System
- Water Well Management
- Access to Municipal DataWorks
- Mobile Solutions
- User Security Administration

- Shortest Path Suite
- 911 Emergency Response
- Automated Vehicle Location
- Gas Infrastructure
- Electrical Infrastructure
- Wastewater Flow Demand
- Facility Management
- Municipal Drains
- Forestry

- Utility Shutoff/Outage
- EPANET INP Support Module

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Municipal Information and Utility Infrastructure Management

Today's municipalities and utilities are custodians of vast quantities of data. The coherent integration of multiple databases, both graphic and attribute, has traditionally been problematic because of such issues as accuracy, content, format and reliability. Furthermore, there is an increasing need to permit local and remote access to the data by a variety of users, ranging from field personnel to corporate managers. Hunter GIS provides the mechanisms for building efficient data sets and delivering timely information to clients through:

- project management and design
- systems specification, integration and implementation
- database design, preparation and management
- data conversion, compilation and verification
- intranet/extranet/internet solutions
- application development and customization
- corporate outsourcing services
- fit analysis/needs study


Representative Assignments

Project details are provided for the following selected assignments:

- City of Ottawa Wastewater Flow Demand Analysis (West-End - Kanata/Stittsville)
- City of Pembroke Infrastructure Management System
- Networking the United Counties of Prescott and Russell Geographic Information System
- Some more GIS projects including Vehicle Tracking....