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Aggregate Resources, Engineering & Terrain Geology:
Class "A" Extraction Licence Application
Representative Assignments

Bauman Pit
Township of Centre Wellington, Ontario

Hunter, together with RBA Planning, successfully obtained Official Plan and Zoning amendments and a Class "A" Extraction Licence for the Bauman Aggregate Pit in the Township of Centre Wellington, Ontario. Hunter prepared the supporting environmental and hydrogeology reports and supervised noise, dust and geotechnical consultants. Hunter also prepared the Aggregate Site Plans for approval by Ministry of Natural Resources. The application is remarkable in that as a result of the successful owner and consultant led public participation program, none of the nearby residents objected to the Pit Application during the Ministry of Natural Resources formal advertising period. A Board Hearing was not required and the licence was issued.

Diblee Osgood Quarry
Osgoode Township (Ottawa-Carleton), Ontario

Hunter and Associates, as lead consultant, was successful in obtaining the necessary approvals for establishment of a new dolomite quarry in Osgoode Township, Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton (RMOC), Ontario, for Dibblee Construction Limited (The Warren Paving & Materials Group Limited). Approvals required included: Class "A" Aggregate Licence under the Aggregate Resources Act (1989) from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), Permit to Take Water from the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MOEE), and official plan and zoning amendments from Township of Osgoode and RMOC.

A number of site factors complicated licence approval at the Osgoode Quarry. The site is located near highway, residential and commercial development and in an estate residential growth area and required blasting restrictions. It is also adjacent to Provincial Class II Wetlands and subject to Ontario's Wetland Guidelines and setbacks. The two prime lifts of the quarry are below the water table and the quarry is located in a groundwater recharge area. A Permit to Take Water exceeding 500 Imperial gallons per minute was obtained after hydrogeological evaluation of the pumping influence zones and satisfaction of application criteria.

The environmental impact assessment and subsequent negotiation process with the Township of Osgoode, MOEE and MNR led to the reduction of the wetland setbacks, the approval of a second lift, and the introduction and acceptance of a surface mini-lift. Ultimately, this resulted in more than doubling of the originally estimated quarry reserves to about 30 million tonnes. The Class "A" extraction licence was granted based on Hunter's site plans without additional conditions imposed after formal agency circulation.

All necessary permits, licences and planning approvals were obtained within 26 months from the time of instruction to proceed with site feasibility studies, making it a very rapid time frame for obtaining a new licence for an urban fringe quarry. A Board Hearing was not required as all agencies and neighbours were satisfied with the approval process.